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Oficinas dentro del Departamento

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Catechetical Ministry/Ministerio de Catequesis

This office strives to foster, support and provide faith formation for all levels and ages.

Ministry with Youth Office/ Pastoral con Adoloscentes

This office is committed to serving and giving hope to the young people of the Diocese of San Bernardino by providing resources, training, and consultation.

Office of Catholic Schools/ Escuelas Católicas

This office strives to adhere to the highest academic standards while being rooted in Scripture and tradition, attending to the six dimensions of catechesis: message, worship, moral formation, prayer, community life, and service.

Evangelization & Adult Faith Formation/
​ Evangelización y Formación de Adultos

The office is a resource to parishes and ministries supporting the development of the New Evangelization and Adult Faith Formation.

Campus Ministry/ Pastoral Universitaria

This office strives to nurture learning and development for all people at all stages of life, in the spirit of John Henry Cardinal Newman.

Young Adult Ministry/Pastoral Juvenil

This office supports the young adult ministries at the parish level through resources, training and consultation.

Charismatic Renewal/ Renovación Carismatica

This office promotes and encourages the formation of prayer groups, enabling them to provide a better witness and service in their parishes. 

Dolores Martinez - Administrative Assistant


Diocesan Impact Statement 

Declaración de la Visión Diocesana

We, the Church of San Bernardino, are a community of believers in Jesus the Christ, called to impact family, neighborhood and society, with the Gospel so that people's lives are filled with hope.

Nosotros, la Iglesia de San Bernardino, somos una comunidad de creyentes en Jesucristo, llamados a hacer impacto con el Evangelio, en las familias, los vecindarios y la sociedad, para que la vida del Pueblo esté llena de esperanza. 



Diocesan Core Values


Faith Sharing