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12 Power of Parenting

The 12 Powers of Parenting helps struggling families and students by focusing on elements such as purpose, goal setting, coaching, positivity, communication, cooperation, resiliency, faith and forgiveness and humor. 

The Strength of the program is interactivity. Participants are able to discuss, question, internalize and apply content through the interactive capability available through distance learning technology. This program consists of 12 sessions at remote sites throughout the diocese and offered weekly at no cost in English and Spanish in alternative rounds.

"Our faith calls us to seek knowledge through our own awareness,
through interaction with others and in formal education at school."

- Bishop Gerald Barnes

Partners in Education

Diocesan Education Initiative

In keeping with the Catholic Church’s belief that parents and guardians are the primary educators of their children, we endeavor to support, encourage and educate them in this critical role. The committee facilitates this by liaising with local educational and social institutions to provide information, training, and support to families. Believing in the dignity and worth of all people, we encourage and empower families to form strong, healthy communities where children can flourish.